Relocate To Gwinnett County

Chances are if you’re reading this then you’re relocating! As long time agents in the most relocated to county in the metro area, we know that can be a bit exciting and daunting! Relocating to Gwinnett county can be easier if you know a few things up front. To help you, we’re going to start at the beginning.

Why Relocate To Gwinnett County

If you’re moving to Atlanta due to a job, you’re likely faced with sifting through the urban sprawl of 30+ counties! How to choose?! When families relocate their number one concern is “schools.” If that’s you, then you can pretty much rule out the city itself, and anything south of I-20. That leaves you with the counties of Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett.

Yes, there are pockets here and there and there is always private school, but if you want a good public school, then those are the counties you’re left with choosing from.

What if quality schools aren’t a factor for your relocation?

They are.

If you care about resell value at all, especially if you think you might have to relocate again, you’ll want to be in a good school district.

Fun fact: When the housing market fell in 2008, the neighborhoods with the best public school systems weathered the storms the best. The worst school districts dropped like rocks.

While almost all of Atlanta has its plusses, here’s where Gwinnett shines.

Gwinnett Has Some Of The Best Schools

Gwinnett is home to the largest school system in Georgia. As such, they know a thing or two about well-run school. Each top school has something to offer the students.

Best Schools Of Gwinnett

Gwinnett is oddly shaped and for the most part, so are the cities. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Lawrenceville, for example, you could be looking in very rural countryside in northeast Gwinnett or be right in the thick next to Duluth near Sugarloaf and I-85.

When you’re relocating to Gwinnett, you might think to shop for homes by area, city, or zip code. However, locals usually shop for homes by the high school district.


The north of Gwinnett (technically, it’s a bit northeast) along I-85 is home to some of the newest and best-rated schools in the entire county. If you’re willing to brave over an hour to Atlanta, then this could easily be called home.

Buford High School - This school is for the city of Buford residents and anyone willing to pay the fee to get in. This limits your home search to just homes for sale in the city of Buford. However, Buford is always top-rated in academics and athletics and their brand new school buildings rival and community college you’ve seen.

Mill Creek High School - Mill Creek is top-rated every year in almost every category despite being the largest school in the state! Mill Creek’s graduating class is larger than some school’s entire enrollment. If you’re looking for homes that feed into this high school, you might consider Hamilton Mill and Trilogy Park as potential options.

Mountain View High School - What do you do when you have the largest school in the state and the bus has 30-minute commutes just to get the kids there? You build more schools. Mountain View is in the same general area, close to Mall of Georgia and while it’s lesser-known, it’s not any less noteworthy.

East Side:

The eastside of Gwinnett county is home to school districts that have been getting awards for generations, literally. That means the schools are older and smaller.

Brookwood High School - Homes for sale in Brookwood High School district are perennial top sellers. The school is older but like Parkview High, it always ranks in the tops.

West Side

West Gwinnett consists of those areas that are west of I-85 and closest to the more expensive Fulton County.

Peachtree Ridge High School - Award-winning and super convenient. If you live near this school then you live near the major thoroughfares of Gwinnett and North Fulton.

North Gwinnett High School - This school often flies under the radar. Positioned near shopping centers it almost goes unnoticed. However, if you live in this area near Buford and Suwanee you’re hoping your children will go to North Gwinnett or the aforementioned Peachtree Ridge and not the other schools.

South Side

Parkview High School - In close proximity to Brookwood but just a bit south, Parkview stands as an older school with a ton of accolades. If you ever question the value of a good school and it’s affect on real estate, just look at Parkview homes vs the homes in neighboring school districts in this area.

Gwinnett Has The Best Parks

When the state gives out awards for the best parks, they give them to Gwinnett. Every year. Parks aren’t normally on the top of the relocation list, but that’s only because every other area you’ve lived hasn’t had these amazing parks that are a short bike ride too.

Gwinnett Is The Most Diverse

It’s a common question that we can’t answer. We can’t tell you how diverse a neighborhood is or who lives where. What we can tell you is that Gwinnett County is the most diverse county in the metro area, meaning that everyone is welcome here!

Gwinnett Is Most Affordable Among Northern Counties

If you look at the median price point of the competing counties of Fulton and Cobb you’ll see something surprising… in fact, instead of talking about it, let’s look.

Median Price Point of Homes For Sale

  • Gwinnett - $253K
  • Cobb - $278K
  • Fulton - $315K

You’d have to look outside the “main” counties to get a better price. Walton County homes have become popular due in part to it’s $224K median price.

Gwinnett Has Best Commute Among Northern Counties

This one is highly debatable and contentious. However, after the stadium was built right along a major interstate in Cobb County, Gwinnett has become the best commute. Fulton is so bad we won’t say anything about it.

Locals like to say that it’s probably going to take you about an hour to get where you want to go whether you’re driving 15 miles or 50 miles.

If you’re thinking of relocating to Gwinnett County then you’ve come to the right place. Our team can answer your questions about the area because we’ve lived here! In addition, we’re happy to answer your real estate questions!

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